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Specializing in employment matters, we advise, counsel, and represent companies of all sizes and across all industries in Puerto Rico. We have over 15 years of experience representing banking institutions, telecom companies, manufacturers, retailers, private schools, insurance brokers companies, and distribution companies. We partner with and have advised corporate general counsel, executive directors, and HR professionals, as well as sole proprietors and small partnerships, on employment decisions and provide strategic workplace solutions.

At Voltaggio, LLC we recognize that delivering value involves more than legal analysis and expertise, that is why we invest a considerable amount of time engaging and getting to know our clients.  Understanding our clients’ operations and needs enhances our ability to provide sound counseling and legal advice.   We are committed to providing excellent legal service while at the same time, developing employment practices that strengthen our clients’ business goals.

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The ability to represent our clients in both day-to-day workplace counseling as well as in the event of litigation makes Voltaggio, LLC your full-service employment law solution.

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Puerto Rico Bans Discrimination Against Employees who are Medical Cannabis Patients
Puerto Rico’s Anti-Discrimination statute, Act 44 of July 2, 1985 (“Act 44”), makes it unlawful for an employer to discriminate against a qualified applicant or employee with any kind of physical, mental or sensory disability. ...
Amendments to the Labor Reform that Affect Litigation
As a result of the approval in June of Act 41-2022, several significant changes were made to the 2017 Labor Reform[1] that expand private-sector worker rights. Nevertheless, it is important...


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